DRP has handled brokerage assignments from $400,000 to $15,000,000 in multiple states and multiple roles. Able to handle all aspects of commercial real estate, DRP has become a favorite of REO asset managers who require a reputable firm to repair, lease up and remarket even the most problematic assets. We are certain we can offer a fresh perspective and add value to your property. 


If you find that you must sell your property at a loss, contact us for sound advice and best practices so that you receive the fairest possible deal. Contrary to popular belief, you may not neccessarily be required to reaffirm your debt. DRP can: 


-Create a situation where your lender cannot come after you for Deficiency Balance. 

-Relet/Reposition your property so as to maximize the sales price. 

-Save your credit from a deficiency judgment, short payoff or foreclosure.

-Discuss tax implications.