DRP has handled properties of every variety with the proactive mindset of an owner. To us, management is more than paying the bills and keeping the lawn mowed. It's about anticipating the needs of the center and keeping operating expenses at a minimum. It's about pre-marketing spaces well ahead of lease expirations to avoid any potential vacancies. Examples of our efforts:


DRP actively challenges property taxes for you. In 2013, we lowered the taxes on a Kroger center by 21% or $39,000. On foreclosure and distressed properties we can lower your taxes by up to 50%.


When faced with major roof leaks on an aging roof, roof contractors recommend a roof replacement costing over $60,000. We delved deeper, finding that the leaks were actually from 4 HVAC units a tenant had installed. We had the tenant pay for the repairs. We fight to maintain the property intelligently with CAM dollars so as to minimize Landlord capital improvement costs. 


We had a Quiznos deli at one of our centers. We saw that Quiznos Corporate was struggling mightily and would likely go under. We premarketed the space and generated a roster of qualified prospects for this pending vacancy well before it went dark. The result was we had the space pre-leased before Quiznos filed for bankruptcy.