Conventional Financing

We are adept at securing the right financing. Use our connections and resources when seeking low rate acquisition financing. Allow us to evaluate your situation and discuss mortgage possibilities, mezzanine finance, etc. Since the banking crisis, more deals evaporate due to poor financing choices than before. Our familiarity with the current state of the capital markets will help you immensely. Funding from $500,000 to $10,000,000 is available. Apply today


Hard Money

You'll need a strong lender who understands your distressed deal and can execute within a tight time frame. From $100K to $3M+ in Metro Atlanta for distressed retail, office and flex properties, leased or vacant. Rates range from at 11 to 14% plus 3-6 points. Go from application to closing in 10-15 days. 


Seller Financing

We can also assist you to sell your property with A wrap mortgage or creating seller financing with that is legal, secure and professionally underwritten. 


Note Acquisitions

If you have an opportunity to purchase a discounted, distressed note on commercial property, we can fund your purchase. We can provide financing up to 65% LTV and close withing 30 days. We start at $1M and can go as high as $5M for 1st mortgages on retail, multifamily, office or flex properties. Rates and terms vary based upon the quality of the asset, purchase amount, risk profile and other criteria.